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Posted by member Stephen Leblanc on Tuesday 18 May 2021

* By your description I am guessing that you have a Hardy Mariner and not the 25 which is an older boat with a leg, I would seriously doubt whether it is strong enough to support the weight of the boat which is almost 5 tons fully laden with fuel and water. Indeed I did have my own boat reinforced with the intention of grounding her, but I never have been brave enough to risk it. Photo included. Regards Steve.

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Posted by member Charles Keiller on Monday 17 May 2021

Our Hardy 25 (and possibly all from that era -2000?) has the metal tube extending aft from the keel and down and round so that it is lower than the rest of the keel where it protects the propellor. My question is is this tube strong enough to support the weight of the boat when dried out on a hard bottom?

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