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Posted by member David on Wednesday 5 May 2021

I have a Hardy 17PH fitted with a Honda 50HP PFI, with a 10.5 x 13 Four blade prop and Doel fin fitted to the cavitation plate. The engine runs up to full revs and the gps shows 18kts on the plane.

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Posted by member Tony Eden on Thursday 13 June 2019

I also have a Suzuki DF 50 on a Navigator and have the same problem, the prop on mine is 12 X 14 my local outboard engineer who I have used for many years and trust, thinks it should be 12 X 11, I am trying to get information from Suzuki now through their local agent, he tells me a new prop would be about £ 90 which is a lot to pay out if its no better, if I find out any more I will post it.

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Posted by member Jim harwood on Wednesday 20 February 2019

You need to change the pitch of the prop changing down 1deg should up the revs by about 500 so need to check what size you are using. I have a Evenrude 75 etec and use a 13.75 inch diameter 13 deg pitch this allow the engine to reach max revs. Hope it helps

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Posted by member philip ashton on Sunday 17 February 2019


This is max throttle. As you can see it's not good.
Any info would be thankfully received.

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Posted by member philip ashton on Sunday 17 February 2019

Or is anyone running any four stroke 50hp please?

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Posted by member philip ashton on Monday 11 February 2019

* Hello all. I have a question for all the Navigator 18 owners if i may? Do any of you run a Suzuki 50hp DF on your Navigator? If you do, could you tell what 'size and pitch' prop you have please? and does it get your Navigator up on plane? My Suzuki 50 DF is will only rev to 4,250, so is over propped. Any details of what props you are running would help a great deal in this mine field of choice. Many thanks, Phil

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