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Posted by member frank higham on Thursday 20 July 2017

I am looking for help with the rigging of my boat.I wonder if any members with similar boats could email any photos of their set up, particularly the boom and back stay to fhaccord@aol.com
When I got her a few years ago there was a little handle that fitted in the boom - my pal dropped it overboard almost immediatley, what is it for and can I get/make a replacement?
Many thanks
Frank Higham

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Posted by member Simon Kidd on Friday 21 July 2017

Hi Frank.

Sounds like the handle was for Roller reefing. It depends on the maker of your Spars - you never know, Trafalgar Yacht Services have kept a lot of kit for Westerly yachts - older Proctor and Eye Equipment - so you maybe lucky!

Ref getting photos - if you don't get any luck on here, it might be worth contacting MS18 owners on your copy of the members list.

Good luck with it

Best Regards


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Posted by member Frank Higham on Friday 21 July 2017

Thanks Si

I will try your suggestions.

Many thanks


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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Saturday 12 August 2017

Dear Frank,

I worked at Hardy Marine during the time your MS 18 was build.
The handle that got lost is indeed the handle to make the boom rotate.
As for the rigging the backstay should tightened just enough to keep the forestay tight so the sail can set correctly and the furling gear will rotate easily.

Simon Papendick
Former Hardy Marine employee

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