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Posted by guest Leigh Hume on Wednesday 20 January 2010

I'm looking into having a removable hard top made for my Seawings 254, i have to produce a mould so the more i make the cheaper they will be, let me know if you are interested.

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Posted by guest Andrew Gilbert on Saturday 17 July 2010

Hi Leigh

Just put down a deposit on a 254 today, if you are refering to a hardtop to fit the forward sunshine roof canvas i would be very interested please let me know if you have already done this or are still looking into it.

Many thanks


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Posted by guest Leigh Hume on Tuesday 9 November 2010

hi andrew, sorry for the delay in reply, yes i'm refering to that section, i have a friend who is a grp specialist, drop me an email and i'll keep you posted, leigh.hume@strainstall.com

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Posted by guest Glyn Wright on Monday 6 February 2012

Hi, I am shortly to travel 400 miles to view a Hardy Seawings 254 which has a Volvo 4.3 inboard with duoprop.

Because I cannot source a boat test on this model, I am relying on you guys to help me out. I have had a Hardy Pilot which was great.

My question is, what are these vessels like to use on the sea? Are they sea-worthy and do they plane properly? Are they as well built as the Pilot and Bosun?

Thank you so much for your cooperation and help in this matter.


Glyn Tel:07899 938 234

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Posted by member Alastair Low on Monday 7 August 2017

Hi Leigh,

I realise that it's been a while now since your post on a hardtop roof for a Seawings 254 but I have recently purchased one and am also interested in fitting either a hardtop or opening hatch to the boat.

Did you get any further with your plans to have one made up ?



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