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Posted by member Tom Storey on Thursday 9 September 2021

I take it from the silence that no-one’s tried this to date and/or would consider it while retaining their mental faculties. At least I know now …

Alternatively has anyone repaired/replaced or otherwise cut a hole in the cockpit deck? It’s be useful to know how it’s built while I consider my options.


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Posted by member Tom Storey on Tuesday 24 August 2021


I’m considering the installation of an inboard fuel tank under the cockpit floor of my Seawings 194. I’m hoping the redistribution of weight further forward and low down will help with planing and general handling. I’m also hoping to get rid of the perpetual petrol smell in a covered cockpit, not to mention benefit from extra range.

Something like the 90 litre one from Osculati (part: 52.035.10) looks just the job, although I may have to raise part of the cockpit floor.

Has anyone done this or something similar before? I’m keen to learn from others experience how best to approach this (or maybe not to..).

Thanks in advance.


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