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Posted by member derek on Monday 5 July 2021

Kenny, thanks for the advice. I am going exactly what you've done on the photo and shorten the front panel and add the timber strip to accommodate the knobs. Your reply is much appreciated, regards, Derek

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Posted by member Kenny lark on Monday 5 July 2021

* Derek, Been doing a bit of digging re you query re front cover.

I purchased (product ref: 4090114) Tasman 4500 2 Burner Hob & Grill from Norfolk Marine 2016. Only issue I had was knob control handles did push out front cover slightly.

Not sure size available. Suggestion is either install deeper hinged lid. Alternative option to add timber hinge strip to foredge of lid to allow front cover to close properly. Photo FYI.


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Posted by member Derek on Saturday 19 June 2021

My Coral 2 burner hob and grill has seen better days so I’ve removed it with the intention of replacement.
All those I’ve found available are slightly too deep. If I want to retain the hinged cover/front panel the maximum depth is 35.5cm. The only solution I can come up with is to build a mount for an integrated hob (these tend to be smaller and there’s more variety) but I will then lose the grill, so no toast! Anyone managed to solve a similar problem?

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