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Posted by member Julian Gregory on Monday 3 May 2021

Unfortunately the Volvo AD/TAMD and KAD/KAMD series engine engine sumps are a little prone to corrosion, although it doesn’t often get to the point where they are perforated and engine oil is dumped in the bilge. If that is what has happened then the sumps need to be replaced.

I can’t comment on the set up in the Seawings 277 but if the engine will fit through the hatch it isn’t actually that big a deal to remove it to get the sump replaced. As an indication we removed two KAD42’s from a Fairline Targa 35 as a winter refurb project so absolutely doable.

The problem comes if the hatch isn’t big enough. Our last boat, a Sealine S34, had an engine bay hatch that wasn’t big enough for the engines (KAD32s) to fit through but it was possible to unbolt a big piece of the transom but it would have been a lot of grief! We had corrosion on the sumps and were looking at options to deal with it. Because of the unusual height of the S34 engine bay we established that if an engineer was prepared to do it the it could be done by jacking the engines up and replacing the sumps in situ. A tricky job though.

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Posted by member Roger B on Saturday 24 April 2021

* I have a seawings 277 fitted with a Volvo tamd 41p, the problem is its lost all engine oil into the bilge, believed to be a rusty sump, anyone had any experience of this or how to remove the engine?

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