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Posted by member Nick Askham on Friday 10 September 2021

Hi Capricorn et al
I, too would love to know if the 2.5hp Suzuki was sufficient to move your Hardy Pilot on its river location. My boating is along a slow moving Fenland river so no tides or currents to contend with, other than in times of flood. I am inclined toward the smaller engines as an auxillary because, if nothing else, they could be handled easily and stored aboard, such as in the toilet compartment, and thus not be visible and less likely to attract unwanted attention. It would be good to know how you got on with it if you did go that way. I'm also interested in the Honda 2.3hp.
Regards, Nick.

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Posted by member derek on Wednesday 1 September 2021

Hi Ray
Thanks for reply, I won't have any tide to contend with but even so I think a 2.3 Honda would struggle a bit, unless anyone with relevant experience can convince me otherwise.
Regards, Derek

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Posted by member Ray on Wednesday 1 September 2021

Hi Derek,
Had no response from here on my question and then we went into lock down so I haven't got round to trying the 2.3 Honda but in all reality I feel it wouldn't be powerful enough against the wind and a head on tide.
Regards, Ray

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Posted by member derek on Tuesday 31 August 2021

Hi Capricorn, did you fit the 2.5 Suzuki as an auxiliary? If so I would like to know how it performed on your Pilot?Thanks

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Posted by member Kenny Clark on Monday 2 September 2019

* Hi,
I have 75hp Honda with 5hp auxiliary used for trawling or if main engine fails.

Photo shows engine mounted on bracket, port transom. This helps balance weight as helm to starboard.

Good luck,


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Posted by member Capricorn on Monday 2 September 2019

I have a Hardy pilot 20 SE and I'm considering purchasing a 13kg Suzuki 2.5hp 4stroke ( I do not like 2 strokes) for my on board 2.3mtr round tail tender for when we wish to go ashore.
Because of its size, there is nowhere to store the engine except in the toilet next to the loo. I was wondering if I removed my 6hp mercury auxiliary and used the 2.5hp Suzuki in its place I would then be able to use it as the auxiliary and for the tender when required. The problem is, would it as an auxiliary be powerful enough to push my hardy home in an emergency. We would only be travelling up and down the River Blackwater, the Colne and Walton backwaters so never far from shore.
Has anyone tried using a 2.5hp as an auxiliary on a Hardy Pilot? I have seen them on yachts but their hulls are altogether different.

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Posted by member robert sneddon on Thursday 23 November 2017

Thank you Simon. Will double check the shaft length first. Robert.

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Posted by member Simon Kidd on Thursday 23 November 2017

Hi Robert. We had a 4hp 2 Stroke Yamaha L/S on a Rover Pilot 20 in the channel Islands. It worked on the couple of occasions that it was needed - it was not fast! As long as the propeller is matched correctly, it should prove ok. The sailpower units had an extra long shaft - make sure you can tilt it clear of the water when underway, it might be a bit long? We used 3.5hp Tohatsu's on the back of the old J/24 yachts - they clipped along easily - shows the difference in hull types! Best Regards Simon.

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Posted by member robert sneddon on Thursday 23 November 2017

Hello all. Have got the chance of a really nice Mercury 5hp sailpower to use as an auxiliary. I was contemplating a 6hp but wondered if the sailpower 5 would be just as good for sea work on the west coast of Scotland. Has anyone got any experience of a 5 hp sailpower model. Main engine is a Suzuki DF70. 2018 season prep has started! Regards Robert.

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Posted by member Roger Beese on Wednesday 10 December 2008

Hi Andy I have found a 5hp Honda I will give it a try Roger

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Posted by member Andy Mcmullan on Thursday 13 November 2008

Hi Roger I think it should be long shaft. I have a long shaft 5hp Mariner 2 stroke on my Pilot. I have run the motor to warm it up on the auxillary bracket and have noticed that short shaft wouldn't go down deep enough, especially if it was choppy and the stern was moving up and down. I haven't tested the 5hp out properly but based on Ian Martin's comments above I would go with at least 6hp. I would also go with 4 stroke if my man engine was 4-stroke, for convenience. I have noticesd that Tohatsu have a high thrust 'Sail Drive' small outboard. These might be worth a look. I've noticed some discounted on ebay. I think Tohatsu in the smaller sizes are just as good as the more popular brands. Cheers Andy

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Posted by member Roger Beese on Wednesday 12 November 2008

Auxilliary engine long shaft or short? 6hp minimum is that ok for coastal hardy pilot 1994 Comments welcomed please

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Posted by member Charles Clarke on Wednesday 30 August 2006

I have just applied for a Boat Safety Certificate and been told that the gas cooker and cylinder on my Hardy Family Pilot (1993) are unacceptable. The type of gas cylinder I have is apparently now unobtainable. I am wondering if anyone can tell me what a suitable alternative for cooker and cylinder would be. The present cooker has two rings and a grill.

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Posted by member Ian Martin on Saturday 1 April 2006

Hi David The speed of the hardy depends on tidal conditions. Where I live and cruise has strong tidal currents reaching 4knots in some places. I trialed my Hardy against a current of 3 knots with the 6 HP at 7 knots. It was suffient enough to push her along and would have got me home. Hope this helps. Ian

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Posted by member David Denholm on Thursday 30 March 2006

Ian thanks I did email Hardy's and the rope dimensions for a 1995 Pilot are 41'9'' x 2 1/2'' and the cost is £290.23 + £17.39 carriage. How many knots does your boat make when using your auxiliary? Regards Dave

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Posted by member Ian Martin on Sunday 26 March 2006

Hi David On my Pilot I use a 6hp Suzuki 4 stroke engine as an auxilary. It pushes it along without any problems. As for the rope fender unfortunately I can't help you on that one. If you email Hardy themselves they will be able to give you the exact sizes, they're very helpful. Regards Ian

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Posted by member David Denholm on Friday 24 March 2006


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